About Tiffin Geek

We, at TiffinGeek, realized the need for a simple solution to the challenge faced on daily basis: to include healthy and tasty food in our diet! As most of us get busy in our lives having no time to cook our own meals, grabbing a quick bite of fast food or settling down for the average food available around the corner sounds good enough to get through the day. But why settle for good enough?

With our app, create your own personalized weekly plan of healthy and delicious meals when you have time, so that you set aside your worries when you don’t. Schedule your choice of meal from wide variety of options available from across the country and beyond. Choose your own time of delivery along with the address for each day. Get to know the ingredients and nutrition value of your meal as well.

We don’t believe in shortcuts. Therefore, each meal is prepared with finest ingredients and is sent out only if it is finger licking delicious and heartwarming good.

Download the TiffinGeek app now and order away!